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Kelso Fund X Announces Investment in J.S. Held

July 1, 2019

Kelso is pleased to announce that on July 1, 2019, we acquired J.S. Held.

J.S. Held is a leading specialty consulting firm with a focus on the insurance claims management sector. The company provides insurance carriers and loss adjusters with specific domain expertise that leads to more accurate claim outcomes. J.S. Held offers specialized services across six key verticals including building consulting, forensic architecture and engineering, environmental health and safety, forensic accounting, surety and construction advisory.

J.S. Held is a clear market leader that benefits from several sources of differentiation. The company has achieved impressive growth historically and is well positioned to capitalize on significant future organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

Kelso has led an active and focused sourcing effort in the insurance services industry for several years. Within the industry, Kelso and KSN member Pat McLaughlin identified claims management as a priority sector and J.S. Held as a priority investment opportunity. Through proactive outreach, we were introduced to J.S. Held CEO Jon Held and subsequently maintained an active dialogue regarding our significant interest in acquiring the company. Kelso was chosen as management’s partner to acquire J.S. Held outside of a broad auction process. Kelso’s investment thesis on the claims management sector, established relationship with management, value creation track record in insurance